Book Review: The Fallen Love

The Fallen Love ; Author - Rashmi Singh
Reviewed by Harshita Srivastava

About the book - Not wanting Madhuri had started drifting with the song, stretching and reraching out for the remote of the Television with her right hand to switch it off. The song “Baby don't leave me, I remember all the memories- I remember the name...that was calling my name- stary with me Baby-when the lights go down I am drowning-please help me I know one day you will feel the same-baby when the lights go down...,” had started casting its musical, magical spell making her unknowingly feel the words and getting emotionally entangled in them........

 That was one moment when Rohan lost his sainty. All his life he had craved for love. His Ma,  Shilpi,Radhika and now Madhuri..” No now I am not going to lose Madhuri. Love has always played hide and seek with me but now it is time for me to snatch love from life. And something reverberated in his mind-unknown voice-”Go Rohan Go..If you don't snatch now then never-never Rohan- Never-You'll never get the love of Go get the power-get your love- It is your love Rohan- Yours! This time don't let greed onverrule true love-don't let sex subjugate the timid! Go snatch it or else again the demons will snatch from you!” The voice was constantly creating havoc on his senses......

My Opinion - The book revolves around Rohan who is adopted by his millionaire uncle Raj Kumar. Until then he had lived in the slums and had hated his life. While living in the blighted area, he used to sell boiled eggs by the road side and left no chance to blame his parents for his plight. He falls for Shilpi but on the day he decides to confess his love, he his hit by the most unexpected truth of Shilpi’s life. In rage he kills Shilpi’s fiancée and fleds off from the place. The same day his parents die but he is saved by his millionaire uncle who is unable to have a child and thus declares him as his heir. Life turns better for him after reaching Mumbai. But fate had different plans for him. He is always hit by guilt for accusing his parents about the pitiable condition they lived in. In the meanwhile he begins to fall for Radhika who is his uncle’s kept. But will he get his love? He had lost Shilpi and acquiring Radhika was too difficult. Snatching away his uncle’s kept would result disastrous for all. Rohan’s life was turning more and more complex. Will he be able to solve out the mysteries of life?

The book is certainly a good read and has a very strong plot. The author has tried putting a lot of suspense into the story and this keeps the reader glued to the book till the end. The book has thrown light on the violence women go through even in today’s times. And it’s just not among illiterate people; it is everywhere, from poverty struck public to the elite class. The abuses done on Radhika are too painful to even read out the passage without getting the horror of your life. I could feel goose bumps when I read the part and I was made to think that how cruel the world can get for selfish motives.  The story is full of social messages; the author has very well tried to portray the ugly side of money and greed. Greed for power and wealth can lead you to misery. The shine of wealth is just for the moment; karma is what matters the most and we always repay for our ill deeds. The character of Radhika plays a very important role in the story but she has been shown a little weak as a person, someone who is unable to fight off obstacles and she is shown completely tired and distraught from life. While reading you are full of pity for the girl. But unlike Radhika, madhuri’s strong character brought a new twist to the tale. Her dynamic personality and charismatic talks sways not only Rohan but also to the readers. Overall the book has a refreshing concept.

A few negative aspects of book that I really need to mention is the poor editing. This is definitely not the author’s fault. A lot of punctuation errors though not much of grammatical error, a proper proof reading is what the book requires. I hope the publishers are listening. Another thing I need to touch upon is there are certain loose points in the book one of them being the shift in time. The year leap could have been improved on.  An unrealistic and straight out of daily soaps concept that the book has is the plastic surgery case which seemed too made up to me.

Like every element in the world has positive as well as negative aspect, this book is no exception and I hope the next print will have no errors. Publishers, please pay heed to what I am saying. As an author, Rashmi Singh has done a great job and truly deserves a pat on her back. A very strong plot and high on suspense book with some really great lessons of life.

Harshita Srivastava

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