Writing is a perennial source of quenching my thirst of knowledge and feelings: Rashmi Singh

Rashmi Singh boasts of an illustrious career as a Soft Skills Trainer and a well known author. With four books to her credit within two years, Rashmi Singh has proved her stand in the literary world.

 She debuted with Love’s Journey (Fiction) in 2011 after which self help books like Taming the Restless Mind and Back to School @ 30 followed soon. The Fallen Love, another fiction work released in March 2012. Her works have been critically praised throughout the country and has a big fan following behind her.

Rashmi Singh in a chat with Harshita Srivastava, isahitya , talks about her writing career, her views on love and how her life changed post an early marriage.

Q. Personality Development Trainer and an acclaimed author, how do you manage to be excellent in both the fields? And which of them do you love the most?

Rashmi Singh : I am a writer at heart, but by profession, I am a P.D. Trainer. Writing is a perennial source of quenching my thirst of knowledge and feelings. I think ‘dedication to your work’ and being honest to it is the key to be successful. When students and people come to me thanking, when Parents hold my hands lovingly, anywhere they see me, it is that moment when I feel I am successful. I have always done work and written books which I enjoy and which is not a burden on my conscience. I am enjoying my success in both the fields but have refrained from arrogance! I thank God for what I am today.

Q. How does it feel to get such an overwhelming response from your readers?

Rashmi Singh : I am thankful to God for everything, my pains and my joys at the same breath. A writer writes when he/she feels anything at heart- when anything hits her. You can say, it is unbelievable! Critics are everywhere but fans are in millions! This way my faith in ‘destiny’ has increased manifold as when married as a graduate, I had never thought that I would ever reach this level. Earlier when I used to read any book, I had just wondered how people wrote such lengthy stories- how do they get their books published! And now there are many renowned Publishers, who want me to write for them! At present I am busy with my projects till the end of 2014J

Q. Your books happen to have very catchy titles, how do you come up with them?

Rashmi Singh: Thank You so much. The titles of the fictions are solely my effort! It is a joint venture of my mind and heart! (laughs). But as regards, titles of nonfictions, we have a thorough discussion with the editors and the Publisher and then come out with the names, which can really attract the reader’s attention.

Q. Did your life change after you became an author?

Rashmi Singh : Yes definitely! Immense recognition and admiration has come up my way! I have certainly become very busy also because writing is not an easy job. You have to have many senses working together, like mind, heart, imaginative creativity and so on. (smiles)

Q. Tell us something about your books, Back to School @ 30, The Fallen Love,   Taming the Restless Mind and Love’s Journey.

Rashmi Singh : Back to School@30 is a self-help book for people in 30’s and beyond. This book is meant to help a person organise and manage one’s relationships. Taming the Restless Mind is also a self-help book for the youth and their fears and problems, like sexual myths, dating, divorce, pay packages, emotional stability and others. Love’s Journey and The Fallen Love are fiction. Love’s Journey is my debut book and very close to my heart. It is a story of Christian girl, who loses her parents in a communal riot. She undergoes the trials of destiny in the form of four lovers, who teach her different meanings of love. She becomes an unwed mother and finally makes it big in the film industry. The Fallen Love revolves around the veiled crimes in our society. Critics found it fast-paced and interesting, but the depiction of sex life of a character didn’t go down well with some… but this is my style.

Q. How close is Madhuri from ‘The Fallen Love’ or Jennifer from ‘Love’s Journey’ to Rashmi Singh?

Rashmi Singh : (Laughs loudly) Rashmi Singh is very close to all her characters. In fact she breathes the characters she etches until it is born! But yes, you can say the physical appearance of Madhuri matches with mine of my college days! As in one interview, I have stated that my passion and interest to do things keep shifting with different phases of my life, so while in college, I used to dress up like Madhuri....fresh, starched, ‘churidaar- kameez’ with starched ‘dupatta’ and my famous ‘bindi’.(smiles again), whereas in my school days, I was into complete western outfits, just like Jennifer! Jennifer and Madhuri both my protagonists are fictitious but breathe emotions. They symbolize females who have to sacrifice many things in their lives to get their true love and satisfaction in life. And I think, almost every woman has to face more or less similar hardships as mentioned in the books.

Q. Unfathomable relationships have been your keen interest, how easy or difficult does it become for you to pen down these emotions?

Rashmi Singh : If it is a relationship it has to be unfathomable. How can you measure feelings? But for me, it is not at all difficult to delve into feelings and human mind- this is a God gift! We all have experiences of different relationships in life- with friends, children, relatives, acquaintances... but only few are capable to pen them down and I am grateful to God for bestowing me with this talent. My pen reels into feelings and emotions...

Q. You got married at a very early age, do you think early marriage hinders a girl’s dreams?

Rashmi Singh : Well, we all know, it does. After marriage a girl gets seriously involved in making her family. This is good but everything should be done on time- even marriage. The parents should first get their daughters’ education complete and then marry them.

Q. What are your views on the Indian publishing industry?

Rashmi Singh : It is like any other industry. Publishers obviously want to make money; hence they pick up good authors and stories. But yes it is very tough to find and convince a Publisher.  Once, you are saleable, you are respected as a writer otherwise the scene can be quite torturous!(laughs)

Q. Out of the four books, which of them is closest to your heart?

Rashmi Singh : The Fallen love and Love’s Journey- both are very close. I have narrated in these some real life experiences of people around me. (Smiles again)

Q. Do you plan to write some serious fiction?

Rashmi Singh : Well I am writing one… In fact it is very serious.

Q. Tell us something about your fifth book.

Rashmi Singh : Yes I am working on my fifth book. This is a historical fiction of Chalukya dynasty. It is woven round the might, love, infatuation, lust, greed of a King, Pulkasein II,( 610A.D.-643A.D.) the queen( daughter of Durvinita, ruler of Ganga dynasty) their noble- Surya Kant and a dancer. This is a very intense story, which not only brings out the stories of the Chalukya King but also highlights the love life of Narsimhavarman I, of Pallava dynasty. But you’ll have to wait for another one year!

Q. What advice would you like to give to your readers and upcoming authors?

Rashmi Singh : Just a very big ‘all the best’! I advise them to work on stories which are result of their own creativity and not to enter the rat race of copying stories of some widely acclaimed books and compiling them as novels. Moreover, I want to tell them that this is a very tough journey, hence they should not lose their heart midway! There’s always a silver lining!

Thank you Ma’am, it was a pleasure interacting with you.

 Harshita Srivastava


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